About Providence Process Solutions

Company Overview

Providence Process Solutions is a Christian based company that serves the beverage industry through three primary service offerings.  These include: Phase I - Financials Development, Phase II - Process Systems Design, and Phase III - Process Systems Project Management.  

Mission Statement

To glorify our creator through our thoughts, words and actions, every moment of every day in the service of our customers, preferred partners, and our employees.  Our very name, “Providence” means “Divine Guidance”.

Company Priorities

Providence Process Solutions has grown exponentially over the past couple of years based on a passion for doing the “right” thing in all situations.  Doing the right thing can at times result in lowered project profitability, but improved customer and preferred partner satisfaction.  Providence Process Solutions’s priorities are simply.  They are:  Providence Process Solutions customer’s first…Providence Process Solutions preferred partners second…Providence Process Solutions third.


Providence Process Solutions believes that “to whom much is given, much will be required”.  Luke 12:48. Simply put, Providence Process Solutions does not believe in just taking and not giving back to the local communities in which each project resides.  To date, Providence Process Solutions has donated money, food, electronics to the WEL’s churches within the communities each project resides, homeless shelters, center for battered women, and most recently to the Athens, GA based Comfortability Fund.  These types of donations align with Providence Process Solutions’s mission statement.

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Vern Spaulding

President / Owner

Cell: 262-770-1292

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Paul Cook

Brewing Consultant

Cell: 541-206-5385