About Providence Process Solutions

PPS Company Overview

Providence Process Solutions serves the beverage industry through three primary service offerings.  These include Phase I - Financials, Phase II - Process Systems Design, and Phase III - Build Project Management.  

PPS Mission Statement

Our world-class team leverages decades of industrial experience and evolving technologies to develop superior beverage equipment integration using our preferred partner network.  We prioritize customer satisfaction by putting the needs of the project first and anticipating future obstacles before they happen with our direction. Our very name, “Providence” means “Divine Guidance”.

PPS Vision Statement

Deliver value to our customers through beverage industry equipment integration by providing industry experience, the correct solution, and on-time services to our customers through our three phase approach.

PPS Guiding Principles

Providence Process Solutions has grown exponentially over the past few decades based on a passion for doing the “right” thing in all situations.  Doing the right thing can at times result in lowered project profitability, but improved customer and preferred partner satisfaction.  Providence Process Solutions’ priorities are simple.  They include:  Providence Process Solutions customer’s first…Providence Process Solutions preferred partners second…Providence Process Solutions third.

Providence Process Solutions believes in giving back to the local communities in which each project resides.  To date, Providence Process Solutions has donated an impactful amount of money, food, and clothes to the homeless shelters and churches within each community that our projects take place in.