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We Design, Build and Optimize Beverage Plants

Providence Process Solutions plans and engineers beverage facilities using our 3-Phase solution. We have capabilities to manage your project from planning the original plant to grand opening.

Our 3-Phase Program

We provide a 3-Phase Program that includes all aspects of Financials, Engineering and Construction of your facility. This process allows you to plan your growth and to ensure you have the tools you need to sustain it.

Craft Brewery 3-Phase Service Offering Overview

We have designed our business model to support a three phase design / build approach. 
This three phase design / build solution includes:

Phase 1, (1 - 2 Months)

Beverage plant design definitions and financials.

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Phase 2, (3 - 6 Months)

Beverage plant layout and process systems design.

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Phase 3, (6 - 9 Months)

Project management, equipment ordering & installation.

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This approach will provide a brewing company with the ability to navigate through their financial decision making process in phases allowing them to make informed “Go”, “No-Go” decisions at the completion of phases 1 and 2, before proceeding with the actual build process outlined in phase 3.

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