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BevBuilders will focus on all the financial, engineering and construction services the Providence Process Solutions provided in the past.

The Three-Phase Program

Providence Process Solutions will work with you using our Three-Phase Process. The Three-Phase process works in a logically oriented manner. 

Phase 1 Financials, where we will discover the financial benefits you can see from adding on to your production facility. 

Phase 2 Process Design and Engineering, where we will design all aspects of your updated or new facility.

Phase 3 Project Management and Construction,
where we will manage your building project and installation of your equipment using our trusted vendor network.

Phase 1 - Financials

Prior to soliciting funds from private investors, banks, or other shareholders, it is critical that all plant design / build costs are properly defined and a 5-Year balance sheet is created to make sure your future cash flow can service your debt safely.  Providence Process Solutions has created a complete set of General Accepted Accounting Principles, (GAAP), compliant financials for dozens of craft breweries which have streamlined the procurement of finances for their projects including Small Business Administration, (SBA), backed loans.  A complete set of financials includes the following documents:

Process Equipment Negotiations

Process Equipment Contract Administration

Project Cost Schedule Development

5 Year Labor Cost Schedule

Break-Even Analysis

Production Cost Analysis

5 Year Forecast

5 Year Balance Sheet

Source & Use

5 Year Income

Loan Portfolio

Depreciation Schedule

Shareholder Presentation

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Phase 2 - Process Design
and Engineering

Providence Process Solutions provides an enterprise wide design / build management portfolio of services that can organize and integrate all of these professional engineering disciplines into one optimized plan where each professional engineering service is tightly woven into the fabric of a final solution that aligns with the beverage plant owner’s key business operational and financial objectives. 

Providence Process Solutions’ Phase II design program can take on many forms and support a variety of budgets depending on the beverage plant’s shareholder requirements.  Many typical services associated with Phase II are outlined below.  However, custom plans and pricing can be provided on a plant by plant basis.

Front Office Engineering System Services


Orders Management

Production Management

Inventory Management

Distribution Management

Financials Management

Business Intelligence Lean-Sigma

I.T. Infrastructure - Security

Office Layout

Production Process Engineered Systems Services

Malt Handling Systems – Enterprise Brew

Brewhouse Systems Design – Enterprise Brew

Cellar Systems Design – Enterprise Brew

Product Filtration Systems Designs

Pasteurizer System Designs

Clean In Place, (CIP Skids)

Packaging Systems Design

Bottling Lines

Canning Lines

Kegging Lines

Platform Design

Cooler Systems Design

Secondary Process Services Including
Process Piping Designs

Water Filtration and Delivery Systems Design

Sewage Treatment Systems Design

Boiler / Steam Systems Design

Glycol Chiller Systems Design

Compressed Air Systems Design

Co2 Systems Design

Facilities Design Services

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Phase 3 - Project Management and Construction

Once the project is formally approved based on the completion of phase 2 deliverables, phase 3 project management can begin.  If the beverage manufacturer chooses to purchase plant process equipment from Providence Process Solutions Preferred Partners, the project management rate charged is typically 2.5% of the project costs managed by Providence Process Solutions using an open book type of invoicing.  Otherwise, the project management fee is typically set to 5% of the project value.

All project management activities comply with PMI standards and include periodic project team meetings, tight coordination with the general contractor, all equipment contract administration, all process equipment installation including rigging, process piping, process wiring installation and guidance for local building contractors on items specific to process equipment requirements.  Equipment start-up and training oversight is also included as part of this service.

In order to effectively manage the build of a brewery, Providence Process Solutions will physically move to the job-site location for whatever time is required to support the project management contract’s scope of supply.  On-site time typically begins a few weeks before the first tank is scheduled to arrive and finishes when the first batch of beer is packaged.  A project sign-off list is managed after each piece of equipment has been successfully started up.  Once all equipment had been signed off by the customer, the project is closed and the PPS job-site manager departs from the work site.
Download a full description of services >

Our focus:

BevOptima will focus on optimizing beverage plant operations.
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